Life skills are imperative to live life freely and confidently. They help you achieve your goals and bring a positive impact on your entire life. At Sovereign Lives, we help you develop and enhance your life skills to enable you to take more control of your life.

Our personalised services assist you to acquire new life skills so you can enjoy greater autonomy in your NDIS plans. These development activities include skills required in daily routine activities, communication, community, and fund management.

Our aim is to help our participants overcome and manage challenges seamlessly. Our services include:

  • Personal hygiene, appearance, and interpersonal skills
  • Communication and social skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Improving family relationships
  • Managing your funds and expenses
  • Helping you with employment prospects
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Support to establish social networks and companionship
  • Travel and transport training including road safety
  • Training and support to maintain your accommodation
  • Support with literacy and numeracy

At Sovereign Lives, our highly experienced staff will closely work with you to ensure you get the right kind of support. With our services, we help you develop your everyday skills to tackle your everyday tasks and live independently.